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December 7, 2011
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I Definitely Do by Nevuela I Definitely Do by Nevuela
Lisa and Cecil exchanging vows, just 'cuz I think they'd make a great couple someday. ^__^
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Sideshowbobgal329 2 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish I was Lisa right now.
Awesome ^.^ I think this pairing is waaaaay better than lisa x milhouse XP 
I mean just because they get married in a future episode doesn't really mean anything 
because in another future ep lisa was president and in another she was about to marry some random character. (Don't remember that guy's name XD) but I think her ending up with Cecil is more likely to happen. Anyways great work! Love this pic!~ <3
I believe it was Hugh.

Yeah, I actually HATE the future episodes. They are far too corny to take seriously, just like the Treehouse of Horror episodes. Even a regular episode can be just too ridiculous. For example, Brandine being pregnant and/or giving birth to different babies in different episodes, and in one episode she had a little boy (I'm guessing he was at least 3 or 4 years old) who was still attached to her by his umbilical cord. Remember that? She asked him if he wanted some chocolate milk, then proceeded to drink some herself, which then went through the cord into the kid's stomach. I just can't stand how the writers say "screw logic" just so they can make a flimsy little five-second joke.

Marge's birthday has been quoted as being in no less than THREE different months, and Maggie has never aged in spite of the fact that she was already at least a year old when Manjula became pregnant, and now the octuplets appear to be at least a year OLDER than Maggie. Not to mention Bob's son Gino, but don't get me started on Bob's family! >_< I "took care of them" in my fanfic "Being Bob." Don't worry, I didn't kill them. I just revealed a shocking truth about them, sort of like Skinner's true identity, which turned out to be BS also because several times AFTER that episode, Agnes has stated that she carried Seymour and/or gave birth to HIM, even though he was revealed to be an impostor.

The show is so full of crap that I think it's safe to assume ANYTHING can happen, even Lisa marrying Cecil. Her ending up with Milhouse just seems wrong to me anyway. I do like Milhouse, but I can feel that there is no real connection between them. I think if she ended up with him, it was only because she felt sorry for him, and because her self-esteem was too low to hope for someone better. And Milhouse would definitely go for ANY girl who would have him, even if he already has Lisa. Remember how he "cheated" on her in the episode where he was teaching her to speak Italian?

Sorry for the long rant. I've been watching the show ever since the first episode aired in 1989, so the Simpsons have always kind of felt like family to me, and Springfield like a town I grew up in, so I take things a lot more seriously than the writers do. :B
Lol it's ok I think about that stuff to sometimes I've been watching the Simpsons since I was a little kid (reruns cuz I was born in '97 XD) omg I remember when the tree house of horror episodes used to freak me out in the beginning and leave me super confused at the end. And yeah milhouse is pretty desperate and I don't think it's fair to just lump lisa together with him. I think lisa should be with someone more on her level. And also omfg I like randomness but sometimes there is just to much on there to comprehend. Like fat tony for example he had a heart attack and died so there needed to be someone else in charge of the mafia so his cousin "fit" tony takes over who looks identical to fat tony except he's in shape. But fit tony winds up getting fat due to stress so fit-fat tony I guess? I'm so confused. Oh and I'd love to take a look at your fanfic ^-^ 
Yay! :D I wasn't sure if you had read it or not (many people will read fics but never comment or fave) so I didn't want to give anything away. You'll find out everything in the first chapter anyway. :eyes:

If you do decide to read it, I would greatly appreciate comments on each chapter. There are 17 chapters so far, and 3-5 left to go. Here's the link to the first chapter. The link to the next chapter is at the bottom of each page.…
Awww! I ship it. :D (Big Grin) 

How I wish I was Lisa...
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